Grande Caribbean Condo Resort


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Grande Caribbean Condo Resort is a themed living experience featuring four eight-storey buildings and a striking thirty-storey tower set amidst lush tropical gardens, expansive pools, and interactive pirate ships.

One- and two-bedroom fully-furnished units are available with attractive payment plans, making this the ultimate resort living experience for families and couples, where everyday in your new home will feel like a holiday.

Pattaya has become Thailand’s premier tourism destination and one of the world’s top beach resorts. Grande Caribbean takes the concept of holiday homes to the next level by offering a completely turnkey approach. We provide everything you need to simply walk in and start living. Being surrounded by lush tropical rainforest gardens and lagoons means no matter how long your stay, everyday feels like a holiday.

A total of 1,064 units are available on an expansive 11.5 rai (18,400 sq.m.) overlooking Pattaya Bay but just a short walk to the beach. This safe family environment includes a children’s play park, grottos, caves, Jacuzzi’s and an island lighthouse connected by wooden bridges. Featuring multi-level pools, a sandy beach and two wooden inter-active pirate ships, Grande Caribbean offers the perfect haven for the family.


Each floor consists of one- and two-bedroom units, 34.5sq.m and 69sq.m. respectively with balconies and fully furnished bedrooms, living and dining areas.


Grande Caribbean shares a trusted heritage with Blue Sky Group‘s other Pattaya Condominium, Atlantis.

With rising standards in accommodation and resort developments, Pattaya has redefined itself attracting higher-spending tourists benefiting everyone in the community. This has attracted international brands globally who continue to invest in Pattaya… Thailand’s fastest growing economy.

As testimony to this, Grande Caribbean’s perfect location offers fine dining, shopping malls, hospitals, international schools, golfing, sporting activities and the beach beyond – that all adds up to a sound investment.

Grande Caribbean Condo Resort presented by ATS Real Estate

South pattaya
Land area
18400 Sqm
Project type
Hi rise 30 storey & Low rise 8 storey
Total Units
1064 units
Unit Detail
One Bedroom 34.5 sq.m and
Two Bedroom 69 sq.m
Sinking Fund
600 baht/sqm.
40 baht/sqm./month


24-hour security guards
Community garden
Parking lot
Swimming pool


Condo Master Plan



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nordic pattaya

Centara Nova


south point pattaya

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Property Resale

REF.Project nameTypeSizeFloorViewPriceLocationOwnershipTransfer
675529Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br34.51Pool2,590,000South PattayaFN
675528Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br34.526Sea3,150,000South PattayaFN
675526Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br352City2,250,000South PattayaFN
675728Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br354Pool2,750,000South PattayaFN
676128Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br354Pool2,750,000South PattayaFN
676215Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br354Pool2,750,000South PattayaFN
675223Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br355City2,650,000South PattayaFN
675222Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br356City2,350,000South PattayaTN
675527Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3516Pool3,100,000South PattayaFN
675224Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3519Pool2,890,000South PattayaFN
675225Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3526Sea3,240,000South PattayaFN
668946Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br362City2,399,000South PattayaFN
667855Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3712,210,000South PattayaFN
675226Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3712City3,320,000South PattayaFN
675725Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3714Sea2,850,000South PattayaFN
676125Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3714Sea2,850,000South PattayaFN
676212Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3714Sea2,850,000South PattayaFN
675726Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3715Sea2,850,000South PattayaFN
676126Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3715Sea2,850,000South PattayaFN
676213Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3715Sea2,850,000South PattayaFN
675727Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3719City2,890,000South PattayaFN
676127Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3719City2,890,000South PattayaFN
676214Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3719City2,890,000South PattayaFN
675729Grande Caribbean Condo Resort2br93.518Sea9,350,000South PattayaFN
676129Grande Caribbean Condo Resort2br93.518Sea9,350,000South PattayaFN
676216Grande Caribbean Condo Resort2br93.518Sea9,350,000South PattayaFN

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