Resale 1 bedroom Grand Caribbean Condo Resort B condo on 26th flr. Sea View.

1 bed | 0 bath | 35 sq m
  • € 82,001.-
  • $ 96,835.-
  • £ 72,102.-
  • ¥ 640,538.-


Property Specifications:

Bedroom: 1
Bathroom: 0
Floor NO.: 26
Locations: South Pattaya
Internal Size: 34.5 m2

Property Details:

Please request us availability and status of the property, we must always double check if the property is still on the market.

For more info, please contact ATS Real Estate: ☎️ : 033-152-549 (Thai/English)
Tel. 094-913-6855 (English/Dutch/German) or Line ID: krallswetz1



Property Resale

REF.Project nameTypeSizeFloorViewPriceLocationOwnershipTransfer
675529Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br34.512,590,000South PattayaFN
675528Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br34.5263,150,000South PattayaFN
675526Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3522,250,000South PattayaFN
675728Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3542,750,000South PattayaFN
676128Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3542,750,000South PattayaFN
676215Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3542,750,000South PattayaFN
675223Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3552,650,000South PattayaFN
675222Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3562,350,000South PattayaTN
675527Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br35163,100,000South PattayaFN
675224Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br35192,890,000South PattayaFN
675225Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br35263,240,000South PattayaFN
668946Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3622,399,000South PattayaFN
667855Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br3712,210,000South PattayaFN
675226Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br37123,320,000South PattayaFN
675725Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br37142,850,000South PattayaFN
676125Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br37142,850,000South PattayaFN
676212Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br37142,850,000South PattayaFN
675726Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br37152,850,000South PattayaFN
676126Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br37152,850,000South PattayaFN
676213Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br37152,850,000South PattayaFN
675727Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br37192,890,000South PattayaFN
676127Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br37192,890,000South PattayaFN
676214Grande Caribbean Condo Resort1br37192,890,000South PattayaFN
675729Grande Caribbean Condo Resort2br93.5189,350,000South PattayaFN
676129Grande Caribbean Condo Resort2br93.5189,350,000South PattayaFN
676216Grande Caribbean Condo Resort2br93.5189,350,000South PattayaFN