Resale 1 bedroom Wongamat Tower condo on 26th flr. Sea View.

1 bed | 0 bath | 40 sq m
  • € 100,925.-
  • $ 118,443.-
  • £ 89,433.-
  • ¥ 785,818.-


Property Specifications:

Bedroom: 1
Bathroom: 0
Floor NO.: 26
Locations: North Pattaya
Internal Size: 40 m2

Property Details:

Please request us availability and status of the property, we must always double check if the property is still on the market.

For more info, please contact ATS Real Estate: ☎️ : 033-152-549 (Thai/English)
Tel. 094-913-6855 (English/Dutch/German) or Line ID: krallswetz1



Property Resale

REF.Project nameTypeSizeFloorViewPriceLocationOwnershipTransfer
675109Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio4014Sea3,130,000North PattayaFN
668013Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio4026Sea3,600,000North PattayaFN
675139Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio4026Sea4,199,000North PattayaFN
673647Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio4034Sea3,675,000North PattayaFN
667997Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio40344,500,000North PattayaFN
668932Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio4126Sea3,885,000North PattayaFN
675700Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio4126Sea3,990,000North PattayaFN
668008Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio4132Sea4,240,000North PattayaFN
668004Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio4134Sea4,200,000North PattayaFN
668001Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio4135Sea4,240,000North PattayaFN
667999Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio41364,290,000North PattayaFN
675698Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio4214Sea4,150,000North PattayaFN
675377Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio4214Sea4,599,000North PattayaFN
675699Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio4224Sea4,390,000North PattayaFN
675378Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio4224Sea4,699,000North PattayaFN
668011Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio446Sea3,600,000North PattayaTN
668012Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio448Sea3,600,000North PattayaTN
668010Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio4731Sea4,710,000North PattayaFN
668006Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio4732Sea4,660,000North PattayaFN
675697Wong Amat Tower Pattayastudio6533Sea6,900,000North PattayaFN
675787Wong Amat Tower Pattaya1br4026Sea3,885,000North PattayaFN
676187Wong Amat Tower Pattaya1br4026Sea3,885,000North PattayaFN
676274Wong Amat Tower Pattaya1br4026Sea3,885,000North PattayaFN
668009Wong Amat Tower Pattaya1br4731Sea4,530,000North PattayaFN
668003Wong Amat Tower Pattaya1br4734Sea4,710,000North PattayaFN
668002Wong Amat Tower Pattaya1br4735Sea4,530,000North PattayaFN
668007Wong Amat Tower Pattaya1br4932Sea4,840,000North PattayaFN
668005Wong Amat Tower Pattaya1br4933Sea4,660,000North PattayaFN
668000Wong Amat Tower Pattaya1br4935Sea4,760,000North PattayaFN
667998Wong Amat Tower Pattaya1br49364,820,000North PattayaFN
675786Wong Amat Tower Pattaya1br6533Sea6,900,000North PattayaFN
676186Wong Amat Tower Pattaya1br6533Sea6,900,000North PattayaFN
676273Wong Amat Tower Pattaya1br6533Sea6,900,000North PattayaFN
675379Wong Amat Tower Pattaya1br6533Sea6,999,000North PattayaFN
675149Wong Amat Tower Pattaya2br9324Sea12,500,000North PattayaFN