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    Pattaya Beach is divided into the north, central and south zones. Starting from Dusit Resort Hotel in the area called North Pattaya to the small hill in the South, Pattaya beach and its parallel beach road is about 3 kilometres long. Apart from swimming and sunbathing, the beach also offers excellent facilities for watersports enthusiasts of all kinds.


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    The Jomtien Beach has white sand and a very long coastline to enjoy. The beach is more peaceful here. Along the straight beach road there are so many sourvenir shops, restaurants, food stalls, and good sea food restaurants are available, especially at almost the far end of the beach road.


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    Cosy Beach can offer you beautiful landscaping, sunsets and nice sea views. Cosy beach is located behind Buddha mountain at pratumnak hill, the Beach have entertainment and restaurants. Also the beach is a quiet and friendly place to stay. It is just a few minutes from pattaya city. The beach have no traffic nearby what most beaches in pattaya have.


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    Located 85 km south of Bangkok, just an hour drive from the Suvarnabhumi airport, it is easy accessible and unlike any other destination in Thailand.

    You will not find hordes of tourists in this charming village, instead, during the weekends and holidays, you will find this sleepy village transforming into a social Hotspot for Thai nationals. Farmers from the north-east sharing the same beach with Bangkok high-rollers, drinking whiskey, making music, practice dancing and, even, swimming in the Gulf of Thailand.


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    If you want to enjoy a beach holiday as part of your trip to Pattaya, this guide to Naklua Beach and Wongamat Beach is for you. The beaches in this northern part of Greater Pattaya are amongst the finest in the area, bested only by those found on the uninhabited Far Islands. Some five-star hotel chains have realised this, which is why the shore is cluttered with accommodation.


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    Nual Beach is situated in the south of Koh Larn with 250 m long beach. It is lush green with a fringe of coconut trees. Coral reefs are rife in this area which makes a great spot for snorkeling.


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    This 700 m long beach is very popular. The prominent spot of the beach is the building in a sting ray shape on the hill which is a control office for a solar cell and windmill. There are a lot of restaurants and some accommodations along the beach. Those who would like to witness the sunrise and sunset, this beach is a spectacular spot.


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    The 150 m long Sangwan Beach is a small beach next to Ta Waen Beach. It is quieter and more private than Ta Waen Beach. It allures the tourists with white sand and clean beach. The majority of the tourists here are from Europe. This beach is most beautiful during December to April.


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    In the northernmost of Koh Larn, Ta Waen Beach, one of the most famous beach. It has 750 m long golden sand beach with clear blue water lapping against the shore. Apart from the pleasure of swimming, you can also enjoy fun activities such as jet ski and banana boat. There are shops and restaurants along the beach.


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    Thien Beach situated on the west side of the island, stretches 500 m. It is popular amongst Thai and European holiday makers. Sport activities such as jet ski and banana boats are available. Massage can be enjoyed on the beach.


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    With the length of 200 m, Thong Lang Beach is situated in the northeast of Ta Waen beach. Tranquility can be found here. Abundance of coral reef in this area allows tourists to explore by snorkeling or diving. A ‘sea walker’ service is another way to discover the beauty of the underwater.

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