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ATS is a Investment and Real Estate Company built on the solid values of hard work, integrity and a win/win philosophy. We research, plan and execute individual deals to suit all our clients. Our management is based on high customer care to ensure your smooth transitions regarding property sales in Thailand and rental management from Tenant to Home Owner.

Asia Trading Service Co.Ltd is a consultant and property sales agency. We have a dedicated team that provides full property services. We list and offer on daily bases available properties to investors, home buyers, renters and partner co-agents. We seek and advertise via our marketing channels to find suitable clients to property owners, landlords and developers, to find the right property and share vital information about about an updated real estate market in Chonburi Province at Pattaya City. We will find for you the next best home for living or a firesales, resale condos and property deals upon your requirements that are offered below market value.

With ATS Real Estate, you will find a wide variety of up-to-date properties and project development offers. That are for sale and up for rent at the East Coast of Thailand. On the main website we offer an extensive database with property listings. Find here approx 4000 advertised property sales and apartments plus houses for rent in the local areas across Pattaya, Bang Saray and Sriracha City. The property listings are mostly provided by landlords and investors that do business with our firm, that means all listings are submitted by the company itself. On the ATS website you can easy make search for any property and proceed with an inquiry to rent or buy a studio, condo or house that you fits your needs. Besides that, we also provide holiday rentals such as apartments and villa’s with private swimming pools, for these special type of properties you can click on the link Holiday in this article or request us.

We are specialized in (re)sales regarding newly built housing projects and condominium development, at our firm we strive to give our customers the best deals and after-service. We are here to find and buy with you a beautiful house, condo, landplot or commercial business. We can also assist you in selling or renting out your own property, just let us know what type of property you want to rent out or sale and see what ATS can do for you!

Are you looking to buy or rent a property?
ATS Real Estate is the place to start your search for the perfect property purchase or investment deal.

The website and office of Asia Trading Service shows Buyers and Renters all type of properties such as; hotels, villa or house, town and/or shop-houses, resale condominiums, off-plan development projects and vacant land sales in Thailand. So whether you’re looking to buy or rent, you’ll find your perfect home or property on www.pattayacondosandvillas.com

With the Company Asia Trading Service you can:
• Search for your perfect home to buy or rent by area, price and property type, filter your requirement and find your property in minutes.
• Browse extended database of listings with detailed photo galleries of the properties that you’re interested in.
• View the property on a Google map so that you can see the exact project location and nearby attractions.
• Contact a international team of sales and rental management support directly via Telephone, Email, Line, WhatsApp, Wechat and Facebook.
• Come for free property investment consultancy and learn from a local realtor what a smart investment is.
• Visit Us directly at our head-office in Pattaya at Thepprasit road soi 10, we are based in front of Hagone Condo at the corner building on the right side.

We have created a convenient and effective way for property hunters to find any type of property via the main search filter and sales list because their we store our up-to-date property information, available resale listing page, accessible 24 hours a day to anyone with internet access and far more complete in terms of number of properties and depth of details upon each property than through other traditional advertised listings. With many years in the property business, Asia Trading Service Co.Ltd continues to grow to his position at City Pattaya in Thailand. We pride ourselves on delivering a great Internet property index and a easy way of searching experience for our renters and buyers. From information on the local community, area and prime locations, to advice or preparing your property to sell or rent out, we are here to assist and guide you with every step of the process. So whether you’re buying, selling, renting or need one of our local services feel free to contact us, we will be glad to answer you on all your real estate questions.

Mr. Gerrit Jan Zwets, Managing Director ATS Real Estate (Asia Trading Service Co.Ltd).


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