Ed Visa.

This education (student) visa will allow you to stay in Thailand for 1 year. If we make this in Thailand then a trip to Laos is required. The first 90 days are granted in Laos, after 90 days the Ed visa holder need to make notify reports at the Immigration in Thailand, this will cost a fee of 1,900 bath for 3 times every 90 days at the immigration office.

A re-entry permit is necessary should you wish to leave the country. A multiple re-entry permit allows for unlimited trips.

Its also possible that the applicant can choose how or where to go study:

Government University

Private University

International School

Government School

Private School


Validity of a visa and passport.

Single entry the passport must be 6 months valid or more, for multiple entries, the passport must be 18 months valid or more.

ED VISA Fee: 26,000,- THB.*NOW DISCOUNTED ONLY 24,000,- THB*
This fee is including the school-package and the trip to Laos and back (pickup in Jomtien) by car and 1 night stay in Hotel + breakfast.

You can choose to study Thai language 120 hours or Englisch language 200 hour.

At ATS we will guide and assist you with all the requirements for the ED-Visa.

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