How to Get High ROI When Investing In Pattaya City Real Estate

Are you thinking about investing in Pattaya City? If so, you’re not alone. Many foreigners over the last several years have started investing in Real Estate properties in Pattaya, thanks to the option of purchasing a condominium in a foreigner name. Foreigners can own a property 100% in their own name, plus Thailand can provide you with a long term visa. Also the affordable investment prices makes Pattaya a very nice place to buy a condominium or house, which can become a second home or to create extra income. Besides that, for property investors the return can be quiet beneficial if you choose the right deal and make a smart choice.


Choose the Right Location

One of the keys to success when investing in Pattaya real estate is purchasing a condo or rental property that’s in a walkable location like Beach Road, Second Road or Central Pattaya. It should be close to shops, and restaurants, because this will ultimately make it easier for any renter to have plenty of things to do or buy the things that they need without having to travel too far away from the property.

Invest In a New Condo

It is recommended to buy a new condo; because new rental units will be located in buildings with modern facilities and great amenities, offer more space, and have bigger kitchens which will make renters, especially ex-pats, really feel like they are home. A long term rental contract is then more feasible and creates a stable income over a long period.

In 2016 and coming years there will be many new properties available across Pattaya and Jomtien Beach that will be completed and ready to move in. That means the market will have a lot of re-sales and rental condos available, all the reason to use our services and get the best deal in town, with our large property database of over 1600 properties we can assure you we will find the right property.

A Great Year to Buy in Pattaya

Did you know that it’s another great year to buy real estate in Pattaya? 2016 will bring more investments in motorways, railways, infrastructure and the government is also planning up to 10 brand new routes for mass transit which will help to further increase Thailand’s appeal and make it the hub of transportation for the ASEAN Economic Community. All the more reason not to delay and make a smart investment at the right moment; for the coming years land values will increase and now is the right time to buy or invest.

List your property for sale or rent

You can list your house, condo or commercial property with ATS, we are happy to assist you with a buyer or long term rental customer. Feel free to contact us and see what we can offer!

Learn More about Pattaya’s real estate properties

For more information about buying a successful ROI property in Pattaya, or to view sales and rental condos or homes, then contact Jules, Realtor® and MD of ATS Real Estate. Please call on
+66 (0)94-913-6855 or email [email protected] or visit the office at Thepprasit soi 10.

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