Dutch Expertise in Pattaya

We caught up with young Dutch realtor, Jules Zwets, who is the Managing Director of ATS Real Estate, based off Thepprasit Road in Soi 10.

They feature a wide variety of properties and projects in Pattaya and Jomtien, and specialise in sales regarding projects and development. Beside that ATS has a full listing with second hand houses and condos that are for sale and rent, and they also can assist you in selling your property.

Jules was a successful entrepreneur in Holland dealing in property sales, construction and engineering, and specialising with renovating and flipping houses. We worked firstly close to the German border and then eventually all around the country.

Jules explained to us, ‘We used to work with the clients, often the owners and worked out the renovation costs and then what we expected the increased value to be worth. Having done them up it was a lot easier to sell, and it was also very profitable. The property was then put in the market for sale and often be sold through Jules.

After doing this for a number of years he decided to visit Thailand in 2012 firstly for a holiday for three months and then he decided to look around with the idea of starting a business here.

‘Pattaya seemed ideal as I realised that there many foreigners and real-estate opportunities here. I wanted to do similar work as I had done in Holland so I set up ATS Real Estate nearly 2 years ago, and every day since I have enjoyed working and living in Pattaya! ‘ said Jules.

Originally they opened in Jomtien but soon outgrew those offices and moved to their current larger showrooms on Soi 10 just off Thepprasit Road.

Most of his clients come through the internet, (www.pattayacondosandvillas.com) and they run promotions and work with another agent as well. He told us that they were just adding Face book and will be advertising more in local media too.

ATS handle sales for all the big developers in Pattaya and also deal in second hand houses and condos as well. They also provide holiday villa’s for short term rental. Service towards the clients are top priority for this company and Jules cuts no corners if it comes to taking care of his customers.

He explains to a potential investor what it would cost to do up a particular property from the state it is in now, and then what they could expect. For example if say they invested 50,000 EUR the property value would increase at least triple from the investment.

Most of Jules’s customers are from Europe including Germany, Swedish and Norway, as he personally can speak German and Flemish apart from Dutch and English plus a few words of Thai. Beside that ATS also deals with local Thai people and does sales and rental business with them.

Shortly they will launch a major advertising campaign through a variety of media channels such as TV, newspaper and magazines, supported by print media to boost local sales and rentals.

Finally we asked Jules for his view of the market today and into the future.

‘I think in the end properties will still go up in value because land values will always increase, therefore I think there is still a lot of opportunities to invest in Pattaya and the surrounding areas.

Although there are less Russian buyers around I still do not think it is affecting other buyers too much, and in some cases they are actually benefiting from Russians reducing prices to sell quickly. ‘

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