The Land of Smiles is the third-favorite destination in Asia among the global expat population and the seven best across all continents. That’s according to one of the largest-ever polls conducted by British bank HSBC of 9,300 respondents. The report stated, “Thailand emerges from the 2014 Expat Explorer Survey as the best destination for expats looking for an improved lifestyle at a low cost.”
Over two-thirds of expats say they associate Thailand with a higher quality of life and claim their disposable income here is greater than when they were living in their first country.
Most of the respondents were of middle age and working in all sectors of employment. They were asked about their financial situation, salary, savings and the local economy as well as their quality of life and family issues such as educational opportunities for children.
Switzerland emerged as the overall winner with a trusted economy, good quality of life and good salaries of around $200,000 a year. Many Swiss-based expats mentioned the better balance between work and life in general, availability of outdoor activities and a general environment favorable to the family.
Asia was also noted for its salaries with the average expat wage being $120,000 yearly against a global average in this survey of $92,000. Singapore city state was the top expat choice in Asia and the second globally as it provided good economic opportunities and an admirable quality of life. China, the second in Asia and the third overall, was the top choice for high earners with a quarter of the respondents enjoying salaries of more than $300,000 annually. The lowest ranking countries, of the 34 in the survey, were Egypt followed by UK and Brazil.
As regards Thailand, the country was less popular among expats earning high salaries than the more frugal. The less-wealthy were mostly older. The survey does not elaborate this point but may have resulted from the large number of foreigners working as teachers on modest salaries for whatever reason. Expats in general in Thailand said they enjoyed paying less for water and electric, accommodation and shopping while the most popular single feature was the quality of childcare and children’s confidence.
But Thailand ranked bottom, or near bottom, when it came to learning the local language, making friends or feeling welcome at work. Thailand also ranked poorly about environmental issues. Expats also complained about the cost of good healthcare in the country as a whole.

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Police General Wichian Photphosri, deputy chief at the Transport Ministry, announced the government’s infrastructure plans for the next five years. These include a new rail link from Suvarnabhumi airport to Pattaya and Rayong, step three of the Laem Chabang Port Authority improvements, and construction of Highway 304 Miniburi to Chachoengsao, an outer ring road at Bangkok Route 3. However, Wichian said that public opinion surveys will be carried out before work begins. The announcement was made at the Ambassador City Hotel, Jomtien.

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Purchasing Pattaya real estate property in Thailand, one of the best locations in the world offers a higher quality property for your money. Stretching it further than other Asian nations like Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Pattaya City is the most booming area in the country Thailand and with the high tourist rates this is proved to be a secure return on investment.

One of the significant explanations behind this is the moderate Thai land prices and low labour costs, which represents buying power when building or purchasing your condo and/or villa property that can be owned on your personal name. Land prices are increasing every year, especially beachfront plots which are now only to be found in Jomtien and Najomtien area, which will be the future City expansion on further developments. An alternate explanation behind Thailand’s real estate popularity is that a lot of home buyers use the low prices or easy payment plans to purchase additional Thailand property for either personal use or as investment. House properties and land plots are possible to be owned by foreigners on a (extendable) lease-hold of 30 years or via company ownership, in Pattaya City you can be the proud owner of a pool villa for approx. 5 Million Thai Baht.

Most newcomers to Thailand see the benefits the country has to offer whilst on their holiday and invest with confidence in the real estate market knowing that a nice capital gain is to be made in the lucrative Thailand property market. ATS offers rental management and can assist you in renting out your property on long term base or seasonal dates.


Pattaya real estate is still the most popular category of the condominium market in Thailand particularly the Wong Amat, Pratumnak Hill & Jomtien zones. These areas indicate constant growth due to the wealth of the remaining beachfront and outer suburban development opportunities. High rise condominium developments are building currently 5 star projects with unobstructed ocean views of Pattaya Bays. Project like The Riviera Wongamat and The Palm are finishing their structures in 2017 and will be popular investment properties in Pattaya North.

Pattaya City will begin facing shortages of development land and the land that is available will become very expensive. Land prices in Pattaya are already increasing by an exuberant amount.
However because of construction and infrastructure changes to the roads a lot of new condominium projects are launched amid the remainder of 2014.
All along the new Jomtien Second Road just south of Pattaya new projects are booked to be finished amid 2014 with more to be launched and finished before the ASEAN market opens in 2015.

Thailand’s resort beach city Pattaya will keep on being the most reasonable area to invest in real estate & property. It is expected that about 30% of all deals in Pattaya will be credited to fun loving foreign property investors. Recently there is also solid demand for Pattaya real estate from the Thai working & middle class which will help boost the market. Thai citizens can obtain easily a mortgage or bank finance to purchase a property, ATS can assist in obtaining these bank loans and generate income on the property which covers the monthly fees of the bank.

Overall there has been an increase of 10% in Pattaya territory, but predicted prices in the region will remain steady & strong amid the end of 2014.

• Pattaya condos average price per sq/m. late 2012 was approx. 47,000 THB.
• Current normal value per sq/m. is approx. 76,000 THB for condos.
• Late 2013 normal value per sq/m. is expected at approx. 62,000 THB.
• The square meter value differs obviously based upon the location, quality & view.
• Pattaya condos currently are start prices from 1,190,000 THB.
• Western style Pattaya Villas & houses currently are priced from 5.5 million THB.
• Pattaya town houses currently are priced from 1,900,000 THB.
• Pattaya Land available at East side of City from approx. 2 to 20 million THB per rai.
Land prices at the Central located area and second road reach 20 to 40 million THB per rai.
Beachfront Land in Pattaya available from 40 to 100 million THB per rai.

Rental yields for condominium properties in Pattaya City range from 6% to 10% relying upon property estimates and will remain at this level for the coming years. Contact ATS for consultancy and let us advice you for the right property investment with stable ROI.

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There are about 10,153 condominium units in 20 projects were launched in Pattaya during the first half of 2013, which boosted supply by 32.9% from the end of 2012 to 40,939 units, according to Knight Frank.

The Jomtien area gained in popularity with 4,247 units, or 42%t of new units, the real-estate consultancy said. “Pattaya has become one of the most desirable seaside locations. It is easily accessible to major destinations in Asia, supported by the government’s infrastructure investments, including the upgrade of U-tapao Airport’s capacity to 5 million passengers per year, as well as the planned high-speed rail link connecting Bangkok to Pattaya, which will help drive traffic to the resort city.

In 2013, the condo developers include listed companies SC Asset, Sansiri, Supalai, Quality Houses and NC Housing.

After Jomtien, the North Pattaya/Wong Amart area attained the second-most-popular slot, with launches of 3,114 units or about 30% of the total. The area is considered a peaceful area favoured by Thai condo buyers. It is also a new area for both local and Bangkok-based condo developers.

Launches in South Pattaya were 1,800 units, or 18%. The area is considered to be busy thanks to its many shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment spots. It is more crowded and not as attractive for residential development. Launches in Pratumnak were only 992 units, or 10%.

Of the total units, 21,164 were taken up. The take-up rate has risen from 50.3% at the end of 2012 to 51.7% at the end of the first half of 2013.

About 5,682 units sold during the first half. Demand was high in the budget segment, where prices ranged from Bt1 million to Bt2 million per unit for compact sizes of 25-30 square metres. The buyers were Thais working in the Eastern Seaboard, Bangkok residents desiring a second seaside home and Russians wanting an escape from winter back home.

Location and views determine prices. A seaview unit in North Pattaya fetched Bt130,000 per square metre. Without a sea view, the range was Bt55,108-Bt71,250. Seaview units in Jomtien were selling for Bt91,372-Bt140,000, while the average price in Pratumnak rose from Bt77,610 last year to Bt89,010 in the first half of 2013.

Posted news: Wednesday, 21 August 2013 04:15

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The rush to release residential projects in Pattaya-Chon Buri has pushed land prices up more than 100% from five years ago.

Chana Nantachankul, managing director of Century 21 Realty Affiliates (Thailand), a real estate broker, said prices for land located close to the beach in Chon Buri have risen an average of 20% a year over the last five years to Bt20 million per rai.

Wasan Kongchan, managing director of Modern Property Co, another sales agency, said land prices in Pattaya are going up because of both new condominium projects and the new mass transit route that will pass through the province under the government’s Bt2 trillion infrastructure scheme.

Land prices in Pattaya City have multiplied from an average Bt90,000 per square wah or about Bt36 million per rai five years ago to Bt350,000 per square wah or about Bt140 million per rai this year.

“When the government’s Bt2 trillion infrastructure project kicks off and is already completed, land prices will rise to Bt500,000 per square wah following the growth in demand,” he said.

posted news: 25 October 2013

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Thailand property developers have expanded into the condominium market in tourist destinations, especially resort beaches in Chon Buri including Pattaya, where more than Bt200 billion in projects will have been launched this year to date and land prices have doubled in five years.

According to a survey of the Government Housing Bank’s Real Estate Information Centre (REIC), over 200 condo projects worth Bt170 billion have already been introduced to the market as of the middle of this year.

CB Richard Ellis (Thailand) also reported that 41,000 condo units in Pattaya will be completed and delivered to customers this year and 50,000 units in the next two years. About 40% of them are located in Jomtien, 20% in Wong Amart, 20% in central Pattaya, 13% in Kho Pra Tamnuk and 7% in Na Jomtiem.

About 60-80% are located close to the beach.

Since 2012, projects have gone down market from luxury units to units priced not over Bt2 million.

“This means the customer target has changed from foreign buyers to domestic buyers who work in the area,” managing director Aliwasa Pattanathabutr said recently.

Among the new developments in Chon Buri is the 440-unit Supalai Vista Sriracha-Laem Chabang project worth Bt1 billion that was debuted by Supalai Plc early this week.

A joint venture of Thai and Israeli investors, Heights Holding Co, is bringing out the 391-unit Wongamart Tower worth Bt1.28 billion on Wong Amart beach in the second half of this year.

SC Asset Corporation Plc’s latest project is the 999-unit Centric Sea Pattaya worth over Bt2 billion.

Nusasiri Plc decided to embark on a single family home project worth Bt3.9 billion in the second half of this year when it saw strong demand in this market.

Veranda Resort and Spa Co has unveiled the 360-unit Veranda Beach Pattaya condo project worth Bt3 billion.

Kingdom Property Co is following up its popular Southpoint Pattaya project with two more worth Bt10 billion next year.

Earlier, top listed property firms such as LPN Development, Sansiri and Supalai christened residential projects in Pattaya and other locations in Chon Buri.

Samma Kitsin, director-general of the REIC, said condo supply in Pattaya-Chon Buri is the largest in the country outside Bangkok.

Last year saw 96,600 residential units enter the market in Pattaya-Chon Buri, of which 56,400 were residential condos that have been 66% sold. The others are single family homes and townhouses.

“We expanded our condo project launches in Chon Buri when we saw strong demand in the market after the company succeeded in selling the first condominium, Supalai [email protected], worth Bt2.4 billion, in June,” said Atip Bichanond, managing director of Supalai.

Demand for residential projects in Pattaya-Chon Buri comes from both domestic and foreign buyers who work in industrial estates in the Eastern Seaboard and in the hospitality business in this province, he said.

Naruthai Phodej, deputy director of Heights Holding Co, said the company has developed 13 condo projects worth over Bt10 billion in Pattaya-Chon Buri since 2006 aimed at both domestic and foreign buyers. Two more projects worth more than Bt5 billion are slated for the second half of 2013.

“Most of our customers buy for occupancy, but some also buy for investment because demand for residences in Pattaya and Chon Buri shows strong growth from people who move their workplace from Bangkok to the Eastern Seaboard. They are both locals and foreigners,” she said.

posted news: 25 October 2013

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Emerging places from Jomtien to Na Jomtien are set to be major condo development plots, driven by numerous elements that provide the area a number of advantages over various other places in Pattaya; these aspects consist of enhancing ground transport connection via a second road that runs parallel to Jomtien Beach Road for about 400 metres, and many brand-new destinations such as the Jomtien market; two theme park– Ramayana, the greatest water park in Southeast Asia and Cartoon Network Amazone, which are both due to open later this year; and the Grand Kingdom mall, drawing households with kids and consumers to the area.

posted news: 02 Dec 2013

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The pattaya property is currently broadening and the upward trend is projected to continue over the coming years, according to the 12th version of the “Condo Focus Thailand” report from home developer Raimon Land.

The company anticipates to see strong activity mostly in the inland metropolitan location, which provides certain benefits that compensate for the lack of views or natural beauty. Beachfront locations are likely to see high need from buyers able to manage them, but at the same time Raimon Land forecasts healthy development in the number of developments developed to draw in residents or people with restricted budget plans. Projects on the beachfront will continue to bring in buyers in the luxury and high-end sector, nonetheless the supply will be restricted due to the lack of land offered.

Designers are likely to prefer systems in the rate range in between 1 million baht and 3 million baht to bump into the needs of the progressively affluent domestic workforce. Purchasers are projected to mostly seek one-bedroom devices of around 40 square metres, although the price per square metre is set to increase further. Inland devices without sea-views will sell well thanks to various other advantages like proximity to shopping centres and offices.

In order to avoid the market heating up, condo unit developers in the low and mid-segments could tighten their buying requirements by requesting greater booking costs or deposits, for instance. But with a typical take-up rate of about 50 %, Raimon Land states that this may not happen for a while.

posted news: 09 Jan 2014

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