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Reliable Real Estate

Pattaya is a breathtaking place to be in this world and is beside Bangkok the heart of Thailand. Having your own house or condo in Pattaya is no less than a blessing indeed. Living and owning a house or commercial building in Pattaya means that you have plenty of options to walk around the gorgeous beaches, mountains, and parks of Pattaya. This city is growing every year bigger and economy is rising in the right flow, we are surrounded by new developments and seeing the city grow to a mega city with lots of improvements on infrastructure such as new high-ways, roads, tunnels and the construction of the high speed railway from Bangkok to Pattaya will have a tremendous effect on the future growth of Pattaya, It is certain that the new fast railway connection to Bangkok will change the whole region significantly over the next 10 years, meaning you won’t be unhappy to invest your valuable money in real estate and properties in Pattaya looking at bright coming future that secures your smart investment.

With the increasing number of expats, visitors and tourists in Pattaya, putting your money into real estate is going to benefit you in long terms. Investments in this city have proven to be reliable and has always results in high returns in the nearby future. The average rental returns on houses are 5-6% of the current value, for condos a minimum of 7-8% and on commercial buildings around 10% of rental income. When purchase a condo in an off-plan development the prices are the lowest and the value of the property will climb upwards every year until finally you can reach a value increasement of 20 to 50% on your property, all depends on the right purchase and unit on a ideal location.

You also can put your house, commercial building, and condos for sale or rent with reliable real estate companies, such as ATS Real Estate, means you can unquestionably earn some additional money by investing in the right property at the right moment, ATS is here to assist and advice you in the right choices of purchasing a property. You can go for your desired choice but condos are still the hottest selling properties in Pattaya, good properties will never loose in value and shall increase in the coming years. There are no ownership issues with condos and you can own your desired condo even if you are not a citizen of Pattaya or Thailand. So the best and profitable way to own a property in Thailand is to invest in condos in Pattaya, choosing the right property and location will secure your investment and gives a lifetime return with interesting profits.

There are some key points which you need to remember before purchasing any Thai Condominium or House. The value of your property sales will be raised if you have chosen the right kind of location for owning a commercial building or a precious condo in Pattaya. Some properties can decrease in value or are hard to rent out, to avoid this issues you can use the expertise of ATS Company, we recommend you to go for the finest and trustworthy real estate agency that is capable of providing you plenty of options for buying your desired house or property. You need to hire expert real estate agents who have insightful and comprehensive information about the development of Pattaya property and real estate affairs. You will get lots of profit and opportunities from a return-investment prospective if you have elected the responsible real estate company in Pattaya, ATS Real Estate is here to guide you in the right direction.

You can have ample variety of dwelling options in Pattaya real estate industry, from single custom family homes, commercial buildings, off-plan developments, newly build apartment complex, and ultra-chic condos to houses. You can have prime locations within walking distance to the beach, major attractions, shops, and restaurants. There are many condos and houses for sale in Pattaya City, with up to date facilities and appealing architectures. If you are looking out to invest in Pattaya property market, you must think about availing the services of a genuine and truly professional real estate agency like ATS Real Estate. We will help you choose the best suited option that will meet all the needs and requirements of your family or from an investment and income generating prospective. Visit our company profile website and learn who we are;

Our office is located in South Pattaya on Thepprasit road soi 10. Contact us and see what we can do for you. Office phone; ​+66(0​)33-152-549 (THAI, ENG), Mobile: 094-913-6855 Mr. Gerrit Jan Zwets (Jules).

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