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What Do You Need First and Foremost?

It’s probably a good idea to do some research yourself into what you are looking for specifically, and since you’re here reading this I assume you already are. Other than that however it’s a good idea to work with a local business who knows the area.

For example we have advanced knowledge about the local market and economy and can help you locate, purchase and rent any number of items like the ones listed below:

•Villa – If you are looking to purchase or rent a private villa for personal use or to rent to tourist to create capital we can help do that. We are specialized in the area and know all there is to know about what steps you need to take in order to secure the right villa for you.
•House – Are you looking for a more traditional style of home? Then we can help with that as well, we are involved with every aspect of the local real estate and can even help you to plan future projects to build a home if you would prefer that to having us find you one which is already constructed.
•Condo – There are beautifully designed condominiums all over the area, and we can provide you with complete listings or if you prefer to build we can help you go through the proper steps to begin new construction while staying in full compliance with all of the local law and regulations.
•Apartment – Maybe you would like to rent an apartment for a few months, if that’s case we can help to put you in contact with the right apartment owners, managers and property management offices to get you the apartment that is right for you and your needs.

Along with lodging and provisions we can also help in the department of entertainment and travel preparations. Below is a list of some other services we can help with to make your time in the Pattya area easier and more enjoyable.

Other Services We Provide:

First and foremost if you will be traveling internationally or are already here and need help with permits and visas we can help in all of those areas as well.
•Visas – If you are in need of an extension or looking to get a tourist visa we have contact with the proper authorities to expedite the service for you and help you stay within all regulations and boundaries. All kind of visas can be made at ATS such as Student-visa, Non-immigrant and all other kind of visa’s, just tell us what ur need are we will be happy to assist you, or ask us for the requirements and prices, check our link about Visa.
•Work Permits – Are you looking to work in the Pattya area? We can help you find employment and set up the proper work permits so you can legally earn an income while staying here.
•Company Setup – If you plan on moving to Thailand and setting up a new company we will help you in that area as well. We are skilled and professional with all the proper channels of contact to help you in all of your business endeavors.
•Virtual Tours can be created by Siam Virtual & Digital Production, for more information visit our partner company on this website;

Finally if you are here in Pattaya and looking to relax and get some well-deserved leisure time, we can help you in that department of services as well.

Tourist Services – We offer a full range of tourist services like local tours, taxi provisions tickets to attractions and anything else that you can imagine that would help to make your stay here in Thailand more pleasurable.

Holiday Plans – If you don’t know where to begin we can help you set up the proper holiday complete with accommodations, guides and all of the necessary travel permits and visas depending on your needs.
Tour Guides – We have several locals we work with who can give you guides tours of Pattaya and all of its surrounding areas. Our services can help you in any area related to tourism.
Beach Tours – We know all of the prime beach locations and provide guided services for days at the beach, surfing, diving and snorkeling as well as island travel and boat tours.
Resort Packages – If you would prefer to stay at one of the premier resorts in the area we have a full list of all active resorts and can help you with purchasing the right resort package for you which will guarantee you the time of your life.

Whatever you need in the Pattaya area, we are here to help and give our services. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and would love to hear from you. Please contact us with any questions and we will be glad to answer to the best of our ability.

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